Benefits of Smiling

, Benefits of Smiling, Cooper & Misner Orthodontics

Here at Cooper, & Misner Orthodontics one of our core values is, “Our Smiles are Contagious.” We like to greet our patients with a smile, and make sure they’re happy with their smile as well. Now, here are some things you might not know about smiling..

Every person is born with the innate ability to smile. After about two months, babies can even smile at the people who are closest to them. An individual’s smile can convey several different emotions, such as happiness, gratitude, friendliness, and contentment. However, there is much more to a person’s smile than conveying an emotional state. Many case studies have been performed that actually prove an individual’s smile affects their overall health and happiness.

, Benefits of Smiling, Cooper & Misner Orthodontics


There is a lot more to their smile than most people realize. The act of smiling activates neural messengers in the brain, and when this happens, the neurotransmitters that cause a person to feel good are released. These neurotransmitters are dopamine, endorphins, serotonin, and oxytocin. In the world of science, dopamine is known as the feel-good hormone that keeps a person motivated and enjoying life. Endorphins are released during physical activities and allow a person to overcome the pain and stress associated with the activity. Serotonin is what makes an individual feel important. Lastly, oxytocin allows people to build stronger bonds, trust, and relationships with other people. All of these neurotransmitters are key components to allowing a person to feel joy and happiness in themselves, their lives, and the people around them. Smiling is an easy way to increase the levels of these components so that you can become healthier and happier.


  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Strengthens immune function
  • Provides pain relief


  • Improves overall mood
  • Provides stress relief
  • Decreases depression and anxiety


It is no secret that people who are happy with the way they look usually benefit from higher levels of self-esteem and confidence. How a person feels about their teeth can have a huge impact on how happy they are with their overall appearance.

On the other hand, people who are not confident about their teeth are likely to be more self-conscious. They may even try to keep their teeth covered around others. You can usually spot these people smiling with their lips closed or covering their mouth when they laugh.

In one study by Invisalign, 50% of participants said they felt others saw them as more attractive and more successful after straightening their teeth. We see similar transformations everyday.

Regardless of age, straighter teeth lead to higher confidence and self-esteem.