Retainer Instructions

Retainer Wear & Care

Your bonded retainers and removable clear retainers are carefully designed to maintain your teeth in the corrected position. Please use them according to instructions.

Clear Retainer Care:


Brush your retainers after wearing them, mouthwash is ideal.

Once a week soak

Once a week, soak retainers in 1 cup of cool water and 1 denture cleaner tablet for 30 minutes to keep retainers clean and free of bacteria.

Once a month soak

Once a month soak retainers in 1 cup of cool water and 1 tablespoon of Clorox bleach for 10 minutes to keep retainers clear (rinse well after bleaching).

No direct heat or sunlight

Do not expose retainers to heat or direct sunlight and always store them in the case provided. Animals love to use retainers as chew toys so please keep out of reach of your furry friends.

Retainer Wear

Wear your removable clear retainers every other night or as otherwise directed by your doctor. Remove the retainer while eating or drinking anything other than water or brushing your teeth. If your retainer ever feels tight, you will need to wear them more often.

It is your responsibility to wear the clear retainers and check the bonding on your bonded retainer. This will prevent tooth movement and additional fees for correcting unwanted movement.

Bonded Retainer Care:

Check bonded retainers daily

Check bonded retainers daily, if any glue has come off or the retainer is loose, teeth can move, In that case, wear your retainers full time until the bonded retainer is repaired.

Prevent Relapse

Always wear retainers according to instructions given to prevent relapse.

Additional charges

Additional charges are applied for re-treatment if retainers have not been properly worn or if glue has come off bonded retainers.

Replacement fee

There is a replacement fee for bonded retainers ranging from $310-$540.

Brushing and Flossing

Brush and floss as instructed and routine cleanings with your dentist.

Becoming loose

If bonded retainers come loose, wear clear retainers full time.

Bring them to appointments

ALWAYS bring clear retainers to all appointments after the first day you receive them.


Bonded retainers are expected to last 1 1/2 years depending upon patients care.


If bonded retainers are swallowed seek medical attention IMMEDIATELY!