Vivera Retainer Subscription

Retainer Subscription Cooper & Misner Orthodontics

For Less than $1/day, You can Get New Retainers every 6 or 12 Months!

For retainer subscription enrollment, please contact our office at (918)488-8889.

Frequency Monthly Cost
Every 6 Months $20/Month | $220/Year
Every 12 Months $12.5/Month | $140/Year


Retainer pricing in-office without subscription: $100/arch or $200/set with 3D models. Subscription requires a one time enrollment fee of $95, which includes your first set of retainers. Subscription can be cancelled at any time. In-office and retainer subscription pricing subject to change.

, Vivera Retainer Subscription, Cooper & Misner Orthodontics

Ready to enroll? Give us a call or text at (918)488-8889 for next steps!

, Vivera Retainer Subscription, Cooper & Misner Orthodontics

What makes Vivera® retainers different?

  • Vivera retainer material is at least 30% stronger and twice as durable as other leading clear retainer materials
  • Your Vivera retainer is custom-fit for your smile, with your comfort in mind…which is important since you’ll wear it while you sleep
  • Doctors who have used Vivera retainers are more satisfied with Vivera retainers than with other retainers

Vivera Retainer Subscription Enrollment

1. In order to enroll, you must receive the enrollment link from our office! If you have not received one, please call us & we can send it to you.
2. Your enrollment link will expire after 30 days. If you need us to resend it to you, please let us know.
3. Please note, you must use a different email address for each child or family member.

Vivera Retainer Subscription FAQ’s

Questions? Give us a call! (918)488-8889